Tying Fishing Knots

One thing we all know about fishing, is that knots are a very important part of making it happen. If you can’t tie a good strong fishing knot, you are not going to be very successful. On this page I will outline what knots to use and give you links to tie each type of knot.

Knots to Tie your Fly or Lures to Your Line

Clinch Knot

This is my favorite knot for attaching your fly to your tippet. It is also the perfect knot for tying on lures and/or swivels if you are using spinners, spoons or other common saltwater lures. The gentleman on this website below has a unique way of tying the clinch knot making it very simple to tie quickly.

How to tie a clinch knot (troutster.com)

A variety of the clinch knot

Shown here is a diagram to tie the “improved clinch” knot.

Tying the Blood Knot

Here is another example of a great easy way to tie an otherwise tricky knot. The blood knot is used to tie 2 lines of similar size together. Watch this youtube video below and you’ll be tying the blood knot like a pro in no time.

Tying the Bimini Twist Knot

How to tie the bimini twist knot

The bimini twist knot is a common saltwater knot used in the creation of leaders and trolling for big game fish.

Tying the Palomar Knot

Another great knot for tying your hooks to your fishing line. See the video below for instructions.


Fly Fishing Knots

Since many of us flats fisherman do tend to do a lot of fly fishing, I have found a great post that covers most of the knots used in fly fishing that you might need to know.

Fly Fishing Knots

These fishing knots should get you started to becoming a better angler. Once you master these you should have the knowledge you need to succeed at fishing.