Snook and Redfish Tips for the Flats in Florida

Redfish on the flatsIf you’re like most fisherman, then there’s little you find as enjoyable as watching the waves ripple across the water, reflecting the rays of the rising sun. Casting a line can be relaxing, providing a break from the everyday hustle we tend to experience. When a fish finally bites, though, things quickly become exhilarating. The fight with an unknown monster pulls you away from all of your worries: nothing exists except you and the fish.

With the beautiful weather and wonderful estuaries found in the Florida Flats, it’s no wonder that so many anglers list it as a top spot. While many fish can be caught in and around the region, some are far more popular among men fishing for sport. The snook and the redfish (also known as the red drum) are two of the most popular.

Tips for Catching Snook Fish in the Florida Flats

Snook are some of the most popular species because they put up a tremendous fight. If you’re fishing primarily for sport you’ll want to book a trip to fish for them. They can be found in a number of different environments, including: inlets, mangrove shores, flats, and even in large, natural potholes. You may also find them around pilings, such as those on piers and bridges. It’s also possible to catch them out on the surf.

There are two ways that snook are typically fished for. The first is with traditional bait and and tackle methods. It’s also possible to catch them with light saltwater rods if using live bait. In some cases it may be necessary to use heavier gear, especially if fishing near pilings. When fishing for surf snook it’s best to use typical gear as opposed to surf gear, as the snook are frequently close enough to the shore for normal casting.

Fly fisherman often use poppers or large streamers, but many hard-lure casting techniques are also employed with the aid of plastic jigs, bucktail jigs, mirror plugs, jerk plugs, topwater plugs, and spoons. It’s also possible to use small fish as live bait when fly fishing, and shrimp may also be employed.

Tips for Catching Red Drum (Redfish) in the Florida Flats

Shell bars, grass-filled shores, shallower flats, and rocky shorelines are the most common habitat for red drum. These fish are typically found weighing ten to twelve pounds but can weigh less than a pound. In some rare instances heavier specimens have been caught, but they are protected and must be released.

It’s also possible to catch them in the surf, just offshore. They’ll be found in these areas when spawning. Many excursions to catch snook double as redfish  trips. Charters can be useful for fishing in large schools of red drum, which can be found in open waters in the fall.

The baits most typically used by anglers seeking redfish are similar to those used for snook, and this is another reason why both are caught during the same trip. It’s also possible to catch them with fly fishing techniques and lures. Many will be found near the mouths of rivers emptying into the ocean, both on the eastern side of Florida and in the Gulf of Mexico.